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NCU – In Awe

RADIATE 2013 – Winter Conference for the Mid-Atlantic Region of Cru. The theme was “In Awe”

Tim Henderson – Servant Song 1

RADIATE 2013 kicks off with Tim Henderson taking us in to the first of four visits to The Servant Songs in the book of Isaiah. If we are built to live our lives ‘In Awe’ (conference theme) what most inspires that response in us? The Servant in these scriptures should create awe in us, but first we need to answer some questions.
Who is the Servant?
What is He like?
What does it mean for us?

Q&A Starts at 38:50


Tim Henderson – Servant Song 2

Tim takes us to another Servant Song; Isaiah 49, where he helps us unpack this complex but important passage revealing, with more depth and breadth, the greatness of the Servant.

What does the Father say to the Servant?
What does the Father make of the Servant?
What does the Servant say to us?
What does the Servant make of us?

The Interview starts at 36:18


Tim Henderson – Servant Song 3

Our hearts desire is not simple to see beauty and power, but to be a part of it – to be immersed in it and participate in it. In Tim’s third talk, we go to Isaiah 50, learning the secret of how to be united with the Servant and His glory.


Tim Henderson – Servant Song 4

As Tim finishes off the conference, he takes us to Isaiah 52 & 53, written 700 years before Christ yet painting a detailed picture of the servant and what he would accomplish. Tim gets vulnerable and raw as he helps us see the depths of sin and the heights of Salvation as only the Servant can provide us.

What is our role?
What is the Servant’s role?
What is the Servant’s future?
What is our future?


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